1.What is a Generic Type Parameter?
2.What Are Some Advantages of Using Generic Types?
3.What is Type Erasure?
4.If a Generic Type is Omitted When Instantiating an Object, will the Code Still Compile?
5.How Does a Generic Method Differ From a Generic Type?
6.What is Type Inference?
7.What is a Bounded Type Parameter?
8.Is it Possible to Declared a Multiple Bounded Type Parameter?
9.What is a Wildcard type?
10.What is an Upper Bounded Wildcard?
11.What is an Unbounded Wildcard?
12.What is a Lower Bounded Wildcard?
13.When Would You Choose to Use a Lower Bounded Type vs. an Upper Bounded Type?
14.Are There Any Situations Where Generic Type Information is Available at Runtime?

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