• Agile methodology
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Web Flow
  • Java Core concepts
  • Hibernate configurations
  • relationships in hibernate (one-to-may.many-to-many)
  • Spring Injections
  • Design Patterns (Singleton)
  • WebServices(cxf/Axis)
  • Why multiple inheritances are not supported in Java?

  • How would you scale access to a system like Twitter
  • caching, shared-cache like memcache
  • optimize usage, prefetch
  • Why multiple inheritances are not supported in Java?
  • What inspired you to become a software developer? What do you hope to find here?
  • Insert node in tree
  • find the bug in single linked list which is looping.
  • Thread contention, java 5+ concurrency API lots of multi threading in depth questions.
  • when java does context switching explain what happens in CPU level1,level2,level3 cache.
  • how do you optimize hit miss on cpu cache with java threading.
  • DB partition sharding
  • network topology in cassandra
  • Find Duplicate words in String

  • Find Largest element in an array

  • write function in java to recursively delete files and then in a directory tree.
  • Design a stack that supports getMin() in O(1) time and O(1) extra space
  • Constructor chaining/ in case of abstract class/ interface
  • Pass by value /Pass by reference
  • Serializable , Externalizable and Cloanable interfaces
  • Sorting scenario where data is 10GB and RAM is 1GB only
  • Discussion on how to design your own map
  • Implementation of concurrent collections – CopyOnWriteArrayList, ConcurrentHashMap etc
  • Read multiple files from a location and process it through multithreading
  • How to design your own blocking queue
  • Basic concepts of mutex and association with object
  • Implement database connection pooling using semaphore
  • Write your own method that will take a map and return a synchronized map

Data structure Questions

  • Detect and remove loop in a LinkedList
  • Find first unique character in a String
  • Intersection point of two Linked lists
  • Search an element in Sorted and rotated array
  • Function to check if a single singled list is palindrome
  • Program for the nth node from the end of a LinkedList
  • Find second largest number in array without sorting
  • Find smallest kth element in an unsorted array .
    If smallest kth element is nor present then return null.eg: Input 0101011001 . K=3   Output Null
    Input 8754329. K=4 . Output 7
  • aaaa
  • Technical interview Questions – https://codinko.wordpress.com/2019/10/10/technical-interview-questions/
  • A string is provided which consist of integer values
    eg: 578294
    Insert “*” if subsequent numbers are even and insert  “-” if subsequent numbers are odd.Output: 5-78*294